About Us

the largest distributors of automotive spare parts in UAE

SPEED PARTS is one of the most renowned companies in auto spare parts business and most trusted and fastest growing auto spare parts company in Middle East. Being a pioneer in trading auto parts, our mission is to offer high quality product. We deal with genuine parts of Mercedes Benz and BMW. For us, the most important element is our customer. We strive our best to provide the best service so that we meet our customer’s expectation. We offer best quality auto spare parts at competitive prices in Middle East directly from the manufactures

SPEED PARTS was established since 1990. We are authorized reseller for Mercedes spare parts in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. It is a customer - centric organization and believes in superior quality and customer satisfaction. Since its establishment we had attracted our clients by providing high quality reliable sources with low prices and timely deliveries to promote a better business relationship with our clients by assuring them with the best we can offer.

We have our head office in Abu Dhabi and its first branch is set up in Al Ain in 2007. We have 3 branches and a team of 16 employees. With our experienced staff and up to date EPC for the cars that we serve, we are able to help you in finding the accurate parts and save your time and trouble at the best cost. We stock up all kind of spare parts for Mercedes Benz and BMW in our outlets.

Why should you use only Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts?

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts promote the same world class brand values as the Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles. Other reasons driver’s choose Mercedes-Benz is their expectation of quality, reliability and durability. Mercedes-Benz drivers expect “the best or nothing” when it comes to the engineering of their vehicles. To uphold these expectations, Mercedes-Benz subject its vehicle parts to extensive testing before they are considered as genuine parts.